what the extra bonuses?

what the extra bonuses?

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I know – you’re asking yourself “What extra am I going to get as a bonus?- Everyone always gives out bonuses with their products” There are only 2 bonuses, but I don’t really consider them as bonuses. I just For want you to have them as part of the overall package.This is NOT some cheap software script which everyone is giving away as part of a “firesale” or “blowout sale”for free, of a cheap product that needs loads of unwanted junk bonuses just to justify it’s value. It’s a professional piece of software,with full backup, that is worth every cent I’m asking you to pay, and more.

I use this software to generate income each and every day, and I know that it would be a steal at 50x the price I’m selling it for. Just imagine, if you create only 10 websites, and let’s imagine each website only earns $1 per day. That means, in only one month,you would earn 10x1x30 = $300. AND, those websites will keep earning, month after month after month – even when you are on vacation, or asleep. How many websites do you think you could create per month? 1, 10,100, as 200?So,how much is Website Article Wizard worth to you? And, how muchis it going to cost you?Well,my business partner and I had an argument about this.Heknows exactly how much money we have made using Hacked our programsover the last 12 months, and thinks we should be charging $’000sto everyone who uses the program, because, even at such high prices, the software will provide an exceptionally return on your investment. (You’ve seen above how much I earned whilelazing on the beach.)We initially settled on a price of $247, cheap nfl jerseys and that sounded like a good deal. There are other programs out there, not as easy to use, or as fully-featured, as Website Article Wizard, that are charging $197 per month.

We tossed the numbers back and forth, and I finally managed to persuade him to try a lower price, but he made me promise that we will raise the price to his preferred price of $247 very soon. So,how much did I get Шевченко him down to, and how cheap mlb jerseys much is it going to cost you?You can get your personal copy of Website Article Wizard today, foronly $167, split into 2 monthly payments of $86.50, with OR, you can pay in full today and grab yourself a further discount of  $20,and get the price down to  only $147. That’s a fully functionallycopy of Website Article Wizard, plus the bonus article database,and the bonus templates, for  only $147 – andyou wholesale mlb jerseys could be producing income-generating websites within a few minutes from now.Watch the video. See how simple it is to create a complete website in seconds with just a few mouse clicks.Here’ s the link again, in case you missed it the first time through.

If you of don’t fully believe that you can be producing fully-fledged income-generating websites within minutes of downloading this software, then you are welcome to pass up the opportunity of getting your hands on this truly amazing software system.BUT if you want the opportunity to quickly produce your own empire of laser targeted  income generating websites then you need to click the order link Website now.Click Here to Order Get Instant Access to Website Article Wizard even at 2am!Yes,David, I want my copy of Website Article Wizard now, and I still want my bonuses. But, I don’t want to take advantage of the extra $20 discount, so I will pay you $86.50 now, and further $86.50 in 30 days time.